We love to help people find and buy or sell car plates the easy way.

 Email: info@carplates.com.sg


Vintage / Classic Car Plate Specialists




  1. How Do I Make An Offer for a Number Plate?
    Email info@carplates.com.sg or pick up the phone and call us
  2. How do I pay for the purchase?
    Cashiers Order once the invoice has been raised


  1. Proof of Ownership
    Email us proof that you are the registered owner of the car number or have the authority to do so. Once we have verified this, we will contact you to begin the process.
  2. Receiving Payment
    Payment will be by cashiers order.


With years of experience and detailed knowledge of current market trends, our team have an unmatched understanding of the car number plate market. We provide valuations for private collections, fiduciaries, and corporations. We provide valuations for all car number plates. Each vintage car number is unique and we are proud of our ability to give accurate valuations.


If you want to sell your car plate without publishing it for sale, it is possible. We are fortunate to have privileged access to ready buyers & collectors.